Workshop 2: Green Change in Schools

Big Idea: Creating ‘effective’ green change in school

In this workshop, we will explore the importance of school-based initiatives in the overall environmental scheme and then move into ways in which you can judge your school’s attitude to the environment and from there, how to find the most meaningful methods to effect green change in your schools.

PRIDE Framework

When you embark on your very own Green initiative, it is important that you continuously understand and reflect on what you (as a CCA/interest group/individual) wish to achieve and the situation you would hope to change. This PRIDE planning framework provides a good guideline for some questions you should ponder over throughout the execution of your green efforts. The aspects to consider, as seen in the diagram, can be broken down into 5 main parts: Purpose, Reading the Ground, Influence, Delivery, and Evaluation. Zoom into the diagram to read more!