Video Conferencing Guidelines

Please adhere to the following guidelines before, during, and after GreenCon 2020.

  1. No part of GreenCon 2020 should be recorded (whether it be organisers, speakers, or participants) for security and privacy reasons.
  2. Do not take or disseminate any photos, videos, or voice recordings of any part of GreenCon 2020
  3. Do not share any Google Meet links outside of those participating in GreenCon 2020
  4. Participants are required to switch on their camera for verification at the start of the conference and for the group photo taking. 
  5. Participants are advised to turn off their video at other times for privacy reasons. If they are speaking (e.g. during discussions), they can choose to turn on their video if they wish to (i.e is not a requirement, but is their choice) but they should take steps to prevent unwanted footage from being transmitted online. 
  6. Participants should mute themselves unless when speaking in relation to the conference. This is to ensure minimal disturbance to the one talking. 
  7. Participants should inform their family members that a live session is ongoing when attending GreenCon 2020 and take steps to ensure no unwanted or unfortunate footage or audio is being transmitted online. 
  8. Participants should be appropriately dressed during the duration of the conference (no revealing attire is allowed). We strongly encourage you to wear a school-based shirt for the event if you are uncertain about your attire.