Zero Waste

Zero waste is the concept of preventing waste from ending up in landfills through conserving resources, thus reducing the impact that waste has on the environment. Although it is impossible to practice zero waste perfectly, it is a practical way to kickstart environmental efforts in schools. Many schools have adopted practices to reduce waste, such as having recycling bins and going straw-free, but more can be done to reduce the amount of waste generated by schools. After all, we do not need a few individuals practicing zero waste perfectly, but many people, practicing zero waste imperfectly.

We will be exploring three sub-topics of Zero Waste:

Zero Waste lifestyle (1)
Marine Waste (2)
The Government’s stake in environmental issues (3)

Green Change in Schools

Schools are an important platform where students have the opportunity to both experiment in pushing out green initiatives and have a taste of how to promote the idea of environmentalism. As students are the future stakeholders of society, it is essential that they are well informed about environmental issues and develop an understanding about the need for sustainable development from a young age. Hence, school green clubs and interest groups are integral in promoting environmentalism and sustainability in their school environments such that it can become a value ingrained in the school culture. 

Through GreenCon 2020, we hope that participants will understand that speaking out for green change may not be as difficult as they think, be inspired to effect green change in their schools, and learn how to do it in a meaningful manner.