The Organising Team

Our Different Sub-Committees

The GreenCon 2020 Organising Team is split into a total of six different sub-committees with the following roles:

Core team: Oversees all the work done
Admin: Coordinating communications with schools and inviting of speakers
Pubs: Designing Instagram posts, poster, and programme booklet
Security: Designing video conferencing guidelines and Google meet functions
Website: Generation of website content and posting them up on to the website
Facils: Facilitate discussion in grps

Adelei, Jolene, Wei Qi, Yi Zhen

Charis, Isabelle, 
Wei Ying, Xiaona

Junfang, Yun Ya,
Jaine, Getzel

Zheng Xian, Nicole, Shi Hui, Linette

Zheng Jun, Fabian, Owena, Xinyue, Karis,
Ding Lin, Yee Jie, Ezann

Beatrice, Crystal, Hongxun, Kirtan, Ming Yu, Shania, Vannessa