Educate and Inspire Participants to effect Green Change in their schools

GreenCon hopes to provide an avenue where participants are able to deepen their knowledge about current environmental issues. This will be done through a series of talks by distinguished speakers who have ample experience in the local environmental scene. This year, we are focusing on the topic of Zero Waste, which is timely as 2019 was declared the Year Towards Zero Waste in Singapore. At the same time, GreenCon hopes to inspire participants to continue their work in the environmental scene through affirming their efforts. They will also be given opportunity to hear the stories and challenges faced by graduated students, and will hopefully be inspired by these stories. From these new experiences, we hope participants will become more motivated to effect green change in their schools.

Network and Get to Know Others in the Local Environmental Scene

During GreenCon, participants will also be able to meet other secondary school students who have a similar passion in environmental work and initiatives and engage in meaningful conversations. By doing so, we hope that participants will be able to find like-minded peers who share their vision and passion in the environmental scene. Furthermore, we hope that by attending GreenCon, participants will feel empowered by the sense of community – that they are not alone in their environmental journey and that there is a group of peers who have their back

Better Equip Participants to push out School-based Green Initiatives

Through meeting various individuals well-versed in the environmental scene, we hope that participants will have a clearer and more nuanced understanding about environmental issues such that they have a greater capacity to vocalise their feelings and thoughts on the climate crisis. We also hope that participants will be able to tap on a wider pool of thoughts and ideas through in-depth discussions with their peers and facilitators, and emerge from discussions more confident and excited about creating green change. While this is not a one-step process, we hope that GreenCon 2020 will be able to equip participants with basic knowledge and ideas to better push out green initiatives.